Rabat Film Locations

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and one of the most important cities in Morocco. Rabat is a popular tourist place and it also holds a great value from tourism, economical and cultural point of view. The city is extremely popular with tourists as it gives them a chance to experience both the traditional and the modern facets of Morocco.

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Hassan Tower: Hassan Tower also called Tour Hassan is an incomplete mosque in Rabat, Morocco. The foundation of the tower was laid in 1195 AD by sultan Yacoub al-Mansour but the construction was stopped in-between as sultan died in 1199. The tower was made of red sandstone and reached 44m (140ft) whereas it was suppose to be 86m (260ft) height.

Chellah Necropolis: Chellah is a necropolis situated on the outskirts of Rabat and features ancient and medieval ruins. It is the most ancient human settlement that was situated on the bank of river Bou Regreg. Many of structures in Chellah got destroyed in 18th century earthquake. Presently it has been transformed into a garden and tourist venue.

Kasbah of the Udayas: Kasbah of the Udayas was constructed during the sovereignty of the Almohads. Almohads started the reconstruction of the Kasbah in AH 544 / AD 1150 and also added a palace and a mosque and named it al-Mahdiyya which was named after al-Mahdi Ibn Tumart.

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