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Morocco is a preferred filming destination for filmmakers worldwide as the country offers choice of varied landscapes for filming in Morocco. Filmmakers can use the terrain of Morocco as a double for any country in the world. Whether it is the beautiful beaches of Essaouira, the Atlas mountain range or the Sahara desert, Morocco offers filmmakers a chance to film their dream project at an economical and comfortable pace. At Morocco Film Locations, we offer a wide range of services to filmmakers so that they can have an excellent filming experience in the country.

Morocco Film Locations makes it easy for filmmakers to get the required permissions for filming in Morocco from the CCM (Moroccan Cinematographic Centre). CCM is the government authority which controls the film industry laws and regulations in Morocco. CCM also provides permits for filming projects in Morocco, from films to music videos to photo shoots. We supply film makers with high quality equipment on rent that they will need for filming which removes the need of bringing their own equipment. Morocco Film Locations has high quality Red weapon cameras which are ideal for shooting the beautiful locations of Morocco.

Film makers can also get advanced audio/video equipment, lights, grips and more on rental basis. At Morocco Film Locations, we can arrange professional crews for filming in Morocco. Hiring film crew in Morocco can significantly lower the overall filming costs and also provide talented teams to work with. In case film makers need to shoot a movie with local extras, we also make available extras for all filming projects in Morocco and film producers can also use our services for scouting excellent locations for their filming purposes.

Contact us to know more about the complete range of services offered by us. We can ensure that once you choose Morocco Film Locations for your filming project in Morocco, you will have the best experience of filming in Morocco.

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