Marrakech Shooting Locations

Marrakech Film makers have been coming to Morocco since the era of black and white movies. Morocco is one of the top destinations picked by film producers and directors for shooting of films. Morocco is a country which is diverse in culture, climate and landscapes and therefore proves to be an exotic destination for shooting movies. In addition to its landscape, the support of Moroccan Government and easy availability of professional actors and crew also facilitates Moroccan film production.

At Morocco Film Locations, we can help you in finding the perfect location for filming in Morocco. One of the most exciting shooting destinations in Morocco is Marrakech which offers some of the best filming locations in Morocco. Many famous films like Hideous Kinky, Alexander, Exorcist and Absolutely Fabulous: Series 2 have been shot at Marrakech. Some of the picturesque Marrakech shooting locations are:

• The Atlas Mountains: The snow clad Atlas mountains serve as the most sought after filming locations in Morocco because of the beautiful imagery and serene atmosphere. Since trekking is very popular in Atlas mountains, the movies featuring activities like hiking, trekking and climbing can also be shot at Atlas mountains.
• The Traditional Souks: The souks and bazaars of Marrakech provide an ideal location to exhibit busy market scenes in movies. The variety of stalls, narrow alleyways and bustling of people at souks offer brilliant shooting opportunities. The souks of Marrakech have been filmed in “The Mummy” to depict Kasbahs and bazaars of Cairo in 1925.
• Ancient Medina: The medina or the city of Marrakech contains many historical landmarks like the Kasbah, the Koutoubiya Mosque, the monumental doors, magnificent gardens, the Saadian tombs, Djmaa el Fna etc. which have been used by film directors as Morocco film shooting sites.

Morocco boasts of a highly developed infrastructure of cinema which makes it most preferred destination in the world for film shooting. Morocco is also located close to western countries of Europe and United States which makes traveling to Morocco economical. For more information on film production in Morocco, please browse through our website.