Fes Film Locations

Fes is the oldest imperial city in Morocco and the city offers some of most beautiful filming locations in Morocco like the bazaars, palaces and bustling town squares, the Kasbahs and the medina of Fes. Fes is divided into three parts, Fes el Bali which is the old walled city of Fes, Fes-Jdid also known as New Fes and Ville Nouvelle that is the part of Fes that was built by the French.

The Ville Nouvelle area of Fes is a modern place which exists in striking contrast with the other areas of Fes that are more traditional in nature. Here are some of the attractions in Fes that make unique locations for Fes films shooting:

• Fes el Bali: Fes el Bali is the larger of the two medinas of Fes and is a great combination of narrow winding alleys and souks (market areas). Passing through souks you will find food markets, markets for copper products, musical instruments, spices, wood carving, dyers souk etc. Fes el Bali was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981..
• Debel Tazzeka National Park: This national park is enriched with wildlife, flora, waterfalls and canyons. The species of flora and fauna found here in abundance are cork-oaks and cedars, tall ferns, birds like multi-colored hoppoe, wood pigeon nuthatch and more.
• Bab Boujeloud: There are three entrance gates to Fes but Bab Boujeloud is the main entrance gate. This gate has an impressive design and allows the entry to Fes el Bali (the medina). The gate is designed with mosaic work and is blue from outside which is the representation color of Fes and green from inside which is the color of Islam.
• Dar Batha Museum: This museum is located in Hispano-Moorish palace and has a great collection of carved wood, wrought iron work, embroidery, carpets, jewelry and ancient coins. The best part of the museum is the pottery room which features blue ceramic objects crafted by Fes craftsmen.

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