Casablanca Film Locations

Morocco Film locations

Casablanca is a modern Moroccan city that is the business capital of Morocco. Popular tourists, the city specializes in different types of industry but also keeps in touch with its authentic roots. The souks and the markets in Casablanca sell traditional items on the same stalls as electronic items and this gives Casablanca its unique image that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Casablanca has also been a popular choice for film makers who wanted to make movies that celebrate the spirit of the city. The popular Hollywood movie Casablanca made the city famous when the film was released in 1942. At Morocco Film Locations, we can provide you with excellent Morocco film location scouting services that will find you the exact location that you might have in mind. Once you explain to our scouts the kind of landscape or location you are looking and you will surely find the location to suit your purpose.

When in Casablanca, you can visit the Old Medina and New Medina to checkout prospective Casablanca film location for your project. You can also visit the Hassan II Mosque which is the most famous religions structure in Casablanca. With the help you Morocco Film Locations you can find the best Casablanca studio film shooting services and we can also provide you with the equipment required for shooting in Morocco. With us you can get Red and Arri Camera Package which is ideal for shooting in all kinds of conditions. We also help you in getting film shooting permits once you sign up for our services. Browse through our website to find out more information about the complete range of services that we provide.