About Morocco Film Locations

Morocco Film Locations is the premium provider of location scouting for film production Morocco. We have employed trained location scouting experts who will listen to your requirements for your film production in Morocco and find you the best locations available that suit your requirements. By choosing our services you can rest assured that you will get the best locations for shooting in Morocco. Along with providing exotic locations, we also provide a host of other services to make the experience of movie directors a unique and memorable one when they come for filming in Morocco.

By signing up with us you can rest assured about taking care of the paperwork and the film shooting permits. Once you give us your schedule and your requirements, we will arrange the requisite paperwork so that you can carry on with your shooting schedule without any interruptions. At Morocco Film Locations, you can also get advanced filming equipment like Red Weapon Camera package which is the most advanced camera package available and perfect for capturing the ethereal beauty of Morocco. Once you choose our services for shooting in Morocco, we can ensure you that you will come back to Morocco to work with us again. Find out more about our services by browsing through our website.

Call us  at 1 800-799-3080/ +1 646-643-1420 or Email us:  abdel@moroccofilmproduction.com  to Learn how Morocco Film Production can Help You Bring Your Vision to Life Today!