Chefchaouen lies near the Rif mountains in Northern Morocco. This scenic city was founded by Moorish Exiles from Spain in 1492 and Chefchaouen retains its medieval elements in the city until now. Chefchaouen offers film makers an exciting opportunity for shooting in Morocco as they can capture the authentic feel of an old city and use it expertly in any movie which requires such treatment.

Filming in Ouarzazate

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are the perfect spot for shooting films related to adventure in the mountain regions. The Atlas Mountains in Morocco offer a wide range of shooting locations that can range from snow capped mountain peaks to fertile valleys or dense forests. Film makers who visit for shooting in Morocco often choose the Atlas Mountains to double for any other mountainous regions in their films.

The Rif Mountains in Morocco are an ideal place for film makers who are looking for shooting in Morocco that is different from the rest. The Rif Mountains are surrounded by greenery and they occupy the region near the Mediterranean from North-west to North-east. With their scenic locations, film makers can find many beautiful and unique filming spots in the Rif Mountains.

Sahara desert in Morocco has inspired film makers for past several decades for shooting in Morocco. Sahara desert is one of the most popular film locations in Morocco with films like Lawrence of Arabia, Alexander the Great, Jewel of the Nile, Kundun, Gladiator and many more. The sprawling desert of Sahara and its varied hues give the place an ethereal touch that no film maker can miss.

Morocco is the top choice of film makers who want to shoot their movies in a desert based locale with an authentic touch. Cinedina studios have been used by popular film makers from Hollywood for shooting movies in Morocco like Body Of Lies, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and many more.

Atlas film studios is one of the prime film locations in Morocco where film makers can shoot their movies in authentic locales which complement the look of a desert country. The benefit of shooting in Morocco is that the locations can double up for a range of countries in the world. The perfect mix of modern and ancient, Morocco offers affordable film making services for all those who come here with their dream projects in their minds.

KanZaman studios Morocco offers film makers an experience of shooting in authentic locales of Morocco which can be easily used as a substitute for a number of countries. Located near the Moroccan town of Ourzazate, the KanZaman studio Morocco has been used for filming of a number of popular Hollywood movies like Alexander The Great, Kingdom Of Heaven, Gladiator and many more.

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