Meknes Shooting Locations

Meknes is a beautiful Moroccan city near the majestic city of Fez. During the dynastic struggles of Arabic and Berber leaders, Meknes was the capital of Morocco. The triple wall system surrounding the city adds to the beauty of Meknes and it has remained the same for centuries. Meknes offers a unique array of film making opportunities as there are several Meknes shooting locations which the film makers can utilize.

At Morocco Film Locations, we can provide you with excellent Morocco film location scouting services. We have employed professional scouts with years of experience who will find you exactly the kind of spot you are looking for to shoot your movie.

We, at Morocco Film Locations, can also arrange film shooting permit and clear other paperwork formalities so that when you reach Morocco, you can get straight to the filming your project. The city of Meknes has several monuments built from the nearby city of Volubilis. The ruins of the city of Volubilis make for a unique Morocco film location. As these ruins have been ravaged by elements for centuries but their shape is still intact. The city of Meknes provides freedom from the hustle bustle of major Moroccan cities like Casablanca, Fez, and Rabat.

By choosing our services for film shooting in Morocco, you can ensure that your film shooting experience will be a memorable one and you will get the best value for your money. Browse through the website or contact us for more information regarding Meknes shooting locations.

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