Morocco is the top choice of film makers who want to shoot their movies in a desert based locale with an authentic touch. Cinedina studios have been used by popular film makers from Hollywood for shooting movies in Morocco like Body Of Lies, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and many more.

At Morocco Film Locations, we can help you with filming in Morocco at most affordable prices. We can arrange location scouts to search out locations as per the requirements of your projects, we can also provide you with expert technicians and movie extras for your projects. We can help you in making prior arrangements and bookings for shooting services at Cinedina. Once you sign up with us, we will take care of all the equipments, permissions for shooting, staying arrangements and timings available for shooting movies as per your convenience.

The scenic locales and excellent day light in the daytime give you the opportunity for filming in Morocco for extended hours. At Morocco Film Locations, we ensure that all clients get the maximum value for their money and their filming experience in Morocco is beyond excellence. We have years of experience in helping film makers with shooting in Morocco and once you hire our services you will be surely impressed with our expertise. Browse through our website for more information on the various services we provide.

Written by AE