About us

We take great pride in promoting foreign productions to facilitate their shooting. Morocco consists of diverse opportunities and is one of the favorite filming destinations of directors and film producers. Morocco has an outstanding reputation for the infrastructures, highly trained professional crew, architecture, diversity of the landscapes and exceptional lighting. The exotic film locations in Morocco are destined to offer the best scenery for any kind of script. These locations especially have been set for film production as they resemble the places around the world. This is one of the reason why Morocco is also increasingly being used as a preferred location for fashion shoot, TV commercial shoot, and for documentaries.

There are many locations to consider in Morocco, we will help you select the best ones according to the final script demand. This is where our film locations scouting service comes in picture. These services not only suggest the best location of what the director have in mind, but also arrange other activities nearby required for the shoot. Choose from the best Moroccan scouting services.